• The Future of the Office

    Survey Results - We asked over 100,000 client contacts from 25 countries to tell us how they are currently working, and how confident they feel about the next 12 months. Survey date September 2020

    Where is your place of work?

    Home - 27%

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    Office - 25%

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    Both 48%



    South America Reports 50% of staff are at home

    Is it safe to return to the office?

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    North America ...

    feels least safe

    at 49%

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    Where are your staff most productive?

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    Africa Reports


    are more productive

    from both

    Home 15%


    Office 29%


    Both 56%

    What is your 12 month business outlook?

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    Positive - 26%

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    Challenging - 53%

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    Uncertain 21%